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·IMP&EXP Ocean Freight Forwarder 进出口海运代理服务

·IMP&EXP Air Freight Forwarder 进出口空运代理服务

·IMP&EXP Freight Forwarder 进出口贸易代理

IMP&EXP Ocean Freight Forwarding

TX  Logistics provides freight forwarding services for ocean  cargo.  As your global logistics partner, we offer comprehensive forwarding services that bring efficiency to every link in your supply chain.  Our cargo import and export services range from carrier booking, B/L preparation, customs declaration, to overall shipment coordination.

We work closely with major ship company service partners to offer you a wide range of carrier choices.  Our extensive global network links you to every principal trade lane worldwide and contributes to the success of your business.

TX LOGISTICS提供海运货运代理服务。作为您的全球物流合作伙伴,我们提供全面的货运服务,为您的供应链中的每一个环节带来效率。我们的货物进出口服务范围包括订舱,准备提单,报关,到整体货运协调。


IMP&EXP Air Freight Forwarding

TX Logistics Airfreight Forwarding Services focused on service coverage and flexibility

TX Logistics global Air Freight Forwarding Services provides the wide-range of air services necessary to move your time sensitive cargo quickly and with cost savings in mind.

TX provides multiple service options depending on your air cargo service needs and required transit time.

TX Logistics partners with the most reliable air carriers and provides the maximum care of your shipments from gateway airports to destinations around the global.

TX LOGISTICS 航空货运代理服务专注于服务的覆盖面和灵活性;




IMP&EXP Trade Agency


TX TRADING  was Founded in 2008, TX TRADING provides legal & professional Trade Agency Service in China for domestic and international customers.TX provide preliminary consulting, researching and analyzing services on the market for customers who want to “Come in” and “Go out”. 

TX TRADING 成立于2018年。在中国扩大改革开放的大背景下,公司致力于为想走出去、想走进来的客户提供目标市场前期的咨询、调研和分析服务。

Pofessional Safety

·18 years focusing on Freight Forwarding
·Overseas fees are settled domestically
·Personalized and efficient logistics services for clients
·18年专注货运代理 ·海外费用结算 ·为客户提供个性化、高效的物流服务

Around The World

Overseas subsidiaries in China and 9 countries can provide customers with professional international freight forwarding services in their home countries, which can monitor freight risks throughout the process and ensure the safe arrival of goods.在中国及9个国家设有海外分公司,可为客户提供专业的本国国际货运代理服务,全程监控货运风险,确保货物安全到达。

Information Network

TX LOGISTICS attaches importance to internationalization, information network management, independent research and development of freight ERP system, network with major ports, terminals and other departments, to achieve paperless operation, customers real-time query freight prices, the first time to know the status of freight circulation, take the initiative to optimize the international logistics channel..
TX LOGISTICS重视国际化、信息化网络化管理,自主研发货运ERP系统,与各大港口、码头等部门联网,实现无纸化运作,客户实时查询运价,第一时间了解动态货运状态,主动优化国际物流通道..


TX Services

 FCL/LCL/Customs clearance/Air/Sea 




The most influential cross-border transportation one-stop service provider, professional for customers to create higher profits!



※High-speed and stable logistics system, 

7*24 hours uninterrupted to provide customers with online ordering, inquiry, tracking and settlement services




18 years of logistics experience, the whole process for your goods escort!



Chinese local customs clearance, give full play to the advantages of Chinese business circle, integrate local resources, and provide “Chinese style” goods housekeeping service for global customers!



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TX Global Services

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TX Global Logistics NetTX全球服务网络

TX Global provide the below in addition to ocean transportation servicesTXGlobal除了提供海运服务外,还提供以下服务 .

  • ·Multi-country Consolidation
  • ·Multi-modal Transportation
  • ·Customs Clearance / Brokerage
  • ·Oversea Importer&Export Security Filing
  • ·Cross Border Trucking
  • ·Documentation Management
  • ·Warehousing & Distribution
  • ·Special Handling

one-stop service flow

Based On China,Take Global View


TX is established in 2005, TX LOGISTICS is the cornerstone of TX Group. During 17 years of development, TX Logistics has successively set up 10 China subsidiaries in Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Changzhou, 9 overseas branches in Japan, Vietnam, India, Indonesia , Malaysia, Thailand, Korea,Spain and Greece. TX 成立于2005年,是TX GROUP的基石。经过18年的发展,TX LOGISTICS 全资分公司不仅覆盖石家庄、天津、青岛、上海、常州、南京、宁波、广州、深圳、厦门 10 个国内口岸和地区,同时在日本、越南、印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚 、泰国、韩国、西班牙和希腊设立了全资子公司。